As a customer, reliability is a very important part of your process, especially when you are not able to do the job yourself. You need a trustworthy partner who can organize the products and ensure that the delivered products are following your quality requirements. We execute quality control ourselves by putting our experienced staff in control in the factory of our manufacturers. With this, we prevent surprises and extra costs for transportation, repair costs and over time when the goods arrive in our factory.

Independent partners

We have good contacts with independent partners like TUV Rheinland, Bureau Veritas & SGS. So you can always appoint them to a local audit or quality check during production or before shipping.


As we are a western-minded organisation and prefer to work with the highest possible level of transparency, so when mistakes are made, we are able to solve them asap instead of putting them aside¬† or under the table. This last mentioned issue is seen quite often in Southeast Asia when problems are there. And of course, you are always welcome to check the quality of the products yourself during every production step in our or our supplier’s factories.